Sunday, July 1, 2018

Hearty congratulations ....

SNEA, BGTD  extends  hearty congratulations to all the executives promoted in the month of June,2018. ie.   JTO  to SDE,  SDE to AGM,  JAO to AO and SDE to  EE in Civil and Electrical wings.  These  huge number of  promotions have happened  because of the  hard work  and pains  taken by the  SNEA CHQ to ensure  promotion orders issued before  notifying the  CPSU Cadre Hirarchy w.e.f. 01.07.2018.

SNEA, BGTD would like to place our gratitude on records to our Circle and CHQ  bodies  for this magnificent  achievement.  

Now  we will take up with the Circle and CHQ leaders  to  get the missing executives  covered under these orders with the same  order date immediately.
Also ensure  issue of  AO to CAO promotions orders once the  stay is vacated.

We will also take up the issues  of  Standard Pay Scales ie. E2-E3, Pay parity of  JTOs/JAOs of  pre 2007 and post 2007 batches.

WE also urge our  CHQ Leaders to  get the  3rd PRC settled with 15% fitment at the earliest  and  Assure our full cooperation and support to Circle and CHQ leaders  for any type of struggle to achieve our above goals


List of  AGM-1                  List of AGM-2 

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