Sunday, June 17, 2018

We congratulate all the executives

SNEA  BGTD  expresses  its  gratitude  to the  SNEA, CHQ  leaders and SNEA KTK  Circle  leaders for their  untiring  effort  in getting the  JTO to SDE  promotion orders under SCF  Quota.   Many  JTOs were waiting  for their promotions since 18-20 years.  The delay in  issue of promotion orders due to numerous  court cases has created a doubt  whether  these executives will get  their  promotions in their service or not.   We  once again  express our sincere thanks to the  CHQ and Circle leaders  for  getting these orders on behalf  of each and every  member of SNEA, BGTD.

We also request  the Circle and CHQ leaders to  take up the issue of  Standard Pay Scales  ie. E2 and E3,  3rd  PRC, SDE to AGM and AGM to DGM promotions, AO to  CAO, and CAO to DGM promotions   are settled at the earliest. 
We congratulate  all the  executives  who got promotion.

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