Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Transfer and Postings in the Cader  of JTOs: 

Karntaka Circle has posted 90  JTOs to  BGTD.  36 transfers and  54 field training.   SNEA  BGTD has taken up the matter  with BGTD administration  for  transparent posting process.  In this connections  SNEA BGTD   DS, DP along with CS SB NAGAVI, M.H.GOMBI, B.K. AITHAL  met PGM, BGTD and GM (ADMIN/HR) BGTD  discussed in length and  demanded for  doing the postings and transfers  by  counselling method,   PGM BGTD has accepted our proposal and  the  vacancy position, seniority list of JTOs, Field Trainees were published in the intranet.  The counselling was conducted on 30.10.2017 for 89  JTOs and Trainees in a very transparent way and postings orders are issued.  In the process all the request transfers in the cader of  JTOs  ie. urban to Rural, and within Urban also considered. 

SNEA BGTD  expresses its  heart felt thanks to  Com. S.B.Nagavi, CS, KTK and  Com. M.H.Gombi, Com. B.K. Aithal for their  valuable  guidance and active participation in  the discussion with  BGTD Admin.  For the first time in BGTD  the postings of 90 JTOs  was  completed within  about 2-3 hours  by counselling method.

SNEA BGTD thankful to  Shri. R MANI CGM KTK kind enough to post maximum numbers of JTOS to BGTD, and also Shri R.M.M. Krishna, PGM,  BGTD and Shri  P. Dayal, GM (ADMIN/HR) BGTD  for  implementing the process smoothly. 

We also thank  the rank of file of SNEA BGTD for their  cooperation in this matter. 

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