Tuesday, May 2, 2017

snea bgtd post

SNEA BGTD had First agenda meeting with the BGTD Administration on 21st Feburary,2017 at the Conference Hall, Telephone House, Rajbhavan Road, Bangalore. The meeting was attended by CS SNEA KTK Com. S.B. Nagavi, JSS Com. Panduranga Nayak, ACS Com M H Gombi, Circle VP Com. B.K.Aithal, DS Com. Javali, DP Com. Huliraj, VP Com. Palanivelu, ADS Com Vishwanath, Com. Raja, Com. Ashok, Com. Anushree Joshi from SNEA side. From Administration side PGM BGTD, All GMs and DGMs attended the meeting.
Meeting started with speech by PGM BGTD.
Being the first Agenda Meeting after verification the deliberations were conducted in a very cordial way. The main technical issues discussed were FTTH maintenance and outsourceing, TM Maintenance, Outdoor Plant upgradation.
SNEA made it very clear to the administration that no policy violation will be accepted in transfers and postings of executives. It was agreed by the administration to issue transfer order to the 6 JTOs wrongly transferred to Rural positively by 22nd February,2017.

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